PLA PrimaValue - 1,75 mm BLACK
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PLA PrimaValue - 1,75 mm BLACK

PrimaValue PLA Filament - 1.75mm - 1 kg spool - Black

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PrimaValue is a series of filament we developed for everyday use, perfect when you need a high quality filament in standard colors.


When Quality Counts!
You should choose PrimaValue

1 kg of high quality 3D-Print material for your 1.75 mm 3D-Printer.

PrimaValue is a very good filament for everyday use.
High strength
Almost warp free
Good interlayer adhesion
Good toughness

High quality
Only high quality materials are used to produce PrimaValue
Perfect roundness and very tight diameter tolerance
Strict quality control and extensive testing

Filament from PrimaCreator is compatible with nearly all 3D printers on the market today
Big spool diameter for smoother unwinding
Heated build platform not required (recommended with ABS)

Higher quality results in less waste
Large production volumes gives you a lower price
No excessive heat results in lower print costs
Full 1 kg, approximately 335 meter of filament on each spool

Ease of use
No heated platform is required (recommended with ABS)
PrimaValue has very smooth flow characteristics
Filament from PrimaCreator is compatible with nearly all 3D printers on the market today

1 kg of filament on a spool total weight around 1,40 kg
Packed in vacuum sealed plastic bag with silica gel

We recommend you store the filament with the provided packet of silica gel, particularly if it is not used for an extended period of time, this ensures the quality over time. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from UV light.

Tolerance± 0.10 mm
Heated build platform requiredNo
Print Temperature180 - 210 °C
Melting Temperature145-160 °C
Weight Filament1 kg
Spool Size200 x 80 mm 
Spool Hub Diameter55 mm
1.50 kg
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