PrimaSelect PLA PRO 1,75 mm Nero
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PrimaSelect PLA PRO 1,75 mm Nero

PrimaSelect PLA PRO - 1,75 mm - 750 g - Nero 

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PrimaSelect™ PLA PRO ist the next generation of high performance PLA for demanding industrial applications. Designed to be able to print fast >120mm/s so you can save on production time. Very high heat resistance (95°C+) after annealing. Excellent mechanical properties combined with a matte surface finish that helps concealing the printed layers for optimum appearance.

  • Engineered for high print speeds >120mm/s which means that you cut down on your production time
  • High Heat Resistance 95°C+ (after annealing) - perfect for demanding applications
  • Easy to print with and extremely low shrinkage, dimensional accuracy, combined with excellent mechanical properties
  • Nice matte surface finish that helps concealing the printed layers for optimum appearance

Print Faster
Print fast with PrimaSelect™ PLA PRO! Especially designed for printing fast >120mm/s. Increased printing speed means that you can cut down on you printing time and save valuable hours. When printing fast you need a print temperature set to 240°C ± 10°C to keep good flow.

More heat
Higher print temperature also means that our PLA PRO withstands more heat after your print is ready. Even more so if you post process your print by annealing it.

Annealing your print (Bake it!)
Make your print even better! To get even better strength and higher heat resistance you can anneal your print. This procedure means that you heat the printed part in your oven, preferably on a piece of aluminum sheet. Pre-heat the oven to 110°C and hereafter bake the parts for 30 - 60 min. Turn of the oven and let it cool down to normal room temperature with the prints still in it. Take out your improved prints afterwards.
Normally filament shrinks (3 – 5%) during this process but with our formula we are down to about 0,27%.

Easy to print
As easy as ordinary PLA to print with. If you have a heated bed we recommend you set it to 55°C ±10°C. Sticks well to most print beds but as always some adhesive or special build plate is always good, we recommend BuildTak or a PEI sheet. When printing fast you need to use a higher temperature (120mm/s 240°C ±10°C) and when you go to lower speeds, a lower temperature is sufficient (around 50mms/s 220°C ±10°C)

Say goodbye to ABS
With PrimaSelect™ PLA PLA you get the advantages of ABS but you don’t get the smell and shrinkage problems.

Informazioni basilari

MaterialePLA PRO
Diametro1,75 millimetri
Tolleranza± 0,05 mm
Piattaforma di costruzione riscaldata richiestaConsigliato 55 ° C ± 10 ° C
Temperatura di stampaVelocità 50mms - 220 ° C ± 10 ° C 
Velocità 120mms - 240 ° C ± 10 ° C
Temperatura di fusione190 - 220 ° C
Peso del filamento750 g
Dimensione della bobina200 x 55 mm 
Diametro mozzo della bobina53 mm

Proprietà fisiche

DescrizioneMetodo di provaValore
Peso specificoISO 11831,27g / cc
MFI 210 ° C / 2,16 kgISO 11336 g / 10 min *
Resistenza alla trazioneISO 52739 MPa
Allungamento a rotturaISO 52758%
Modulo di tensioneISO 5273900 MPa
Resistenza all'urto - Charpy con intaglio a 23 ° CISO 17922 KkJ / m2

Proprietà termali

DescrizioneMetodo di provaValore
Temp. Di stampa Velocità 50mms - 220 ° C ± 10 ° C 
Velocità 120mms - 240 ° C ± 10 ° C
Temperatura del letto stampato Consigliato 55 ° C ± 10 ° C
Temperatura di fusione 190-220 ° C
Temp. Deviazione calore (B) (dopo la ricottura)ISO 7595 ° C +
1.50 kg
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